On Being Famous

On Being Famous (well, not really…)

There’s something about the Internet that makes you consider personal presence. I have been  mentioned by @VanessaSCassie on Twitter and her Blog. I don’t really blog a lot nor do I Tweet (@kjamesa) as much as some of my cohort but what I’ve found is it’s really important to be relative to your intended audience.

Vanessa writes a description that leaves me appreciative of her compliments and sets me up as a possible source for innovation. I’m somewhat humbled by her perception of me and want to let you know that you would be fortunate to be in her circle of influence. She’s a rock star.
In the moment she tweets , there are currently 2520 of her followers and who knows how many lurkers of her Blog that suddenly have an insight into who I am.  People I know nothing of may go in search of some of the personal wisdom that Vanessa eludes to that remains unpublished and still floating in the intercises of my experiences.  Her post has caused me to think at length about my own Tweets and Blog(s) and rekindled my thinking about posting more regularly.
I’m glad I wasn’t alone! The four others mentioned have made the time to regularly add to their own online presence. I would invite you to read their posts – they’ve done some great work.
In the interim I’m cleaning out my digital garage and sorting out the 3 or 4 sites where I have bits and pieces of my writing. I’ll put them in one spot so that if you do come looking… there will be something worthwhile to read.
My thought for today – if you haven’t looked into WordPress as a tool for creating a Website or Blog, you should. From a PC using Microsoft Word you can publish directly to your Blog (I haven’t tested the Mac side yet..) Images and formatting are not lost in translation on the way from creation to publishing and I highly recommend its use.  When you do get started, consider using the latest version as there were a few security leaks that have been fixed. Many hosts including locations likehttp://www.asmallorange.com allow for one step installs of WordPress to their servers. WordPress itself offers free hosting.  A great place to start.
I’m using Blogger.com for this Blog, and I’ve tried a great number including built in blogging in iWeb for Mac as well as WordPress on a local server.  They all have their parts that shine.
Consider what you are doing when you get started posting… you never know who will show up on your door step and whether or not you’ll become famous…