Cultural Change Management

I spend a great deal of my time working with boards to improve process and communication. Hidden beneath the surface of this work is a relentless pursuit of cultural change. This is a complex process involving some thoughtful pieces tied to individualizing the work. Culture changes when individuals shift behaviour…

I especially like Lou Tice’s work related to the four facets: Awareness Understanding Commitment and Belief. The Pacific Institute has done a remarkable job of tying some of the pieces together to enable strategic cultural shift.

Take a look at the following    site     to get more information on their processes.

In addition there’s further work from Harvard Business Review that breaks current culture into eight types.

    8 Types

In Education circles across the country, I often see movement or shift occur through quicksand. It’s a slow laborious process frequently degraded because teams are mired in the why and the what and fail to move to action…. mostly, I think, because even with a step by step process they really don’t get the how. My IBM team sees the greatest gains when we help teams build the steps and then we facilitate the process. The business acumen connected to moving strategic planning forward effectively seems to be the missing secret sauce of success.

We see other teams that have great strengths in this area (leveraging process to create cultural shift), and why they use my team and me is because they don’t always have the cycles to do the work.  We offer current leading practice and template the effort to create efficacy in terms of the time used by separate groups.

I love this stuff. It’s the work I have always enjoyed the most and now I get to do it every day. If you’re interested in learning more, come back to this site at a later date. I’ll continue to post as I work.