Getting Started

Northern Alberta Learning Commons PLC

How to create your own Google Hangouts

  1. Here’s the Google Instructions

  2. Here’s the Instructions by James – (thanks for the feedback about it being locked! It’s open now!)

Your homework is two fold:

  1. Learning Experience 1

    1. Go to and ensure you can login with your Google Account

    2. email someone you don’t know in our group with some times that you could have a short Google Hangout – be sure to exchange each other’s’ Google Account information and schedule a date and time

    3. Use the instructions that were provided above to “Hangout” with that person

  2. Learning Experience 2

    1. Create a video of your learning commons

    2. Upload it to your YouTube Channel,

    3. Share it with JAMES!!

Of course, this is not a mandatory exercise… just something for those of you that are interested in expanding your knowledge base with Google Tools.